New application of cmc in foundry coatings

CMC is a macromolecular compound, which is multi-chain. After being swelled with water, the linear chain opens, stretches, and interacts to form a network colloid. It can interact with the sodium bentonite, not only can effectively improve the suspending ability of the sodium bentonite, but also It can greatly reduce the volume of precipitation agglomeration and prevent the refractory powder from sinking. Therefore, it is often used to increase the suspension rate of the casting coating and improve the viscosity of the coating:

Excellent water-soluble viscosity increasing, effectively improving the viscosity and rheology of the coating;
Good solubility and dispersibility, so that solid substances are suspended in the carrier liquid;
Promote the suspension of refractory powder, prevent precipitation, stratification and excessive infiltration of the carrier liquid into the modeling material;
Improve the coating and covering ability of the paint, and improve the brushability and leveling of the paint;
The powder in the coating is bonded to each other after drying, and firmly adheres to the surface of the mold and core。

Post time: Mar-15-2021