Application of Hydroxy ethyl cellulose

Agricultol hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) can effectively suspend solid-free poison in water-based spraying. HEC applied to the spray operation can play the role of adhesion to the leaf surface; HEC can be used as a thinning agent of spray emulsion, reducing the drums of the drug, thereby increasing the effect of the inheritance injection. HEC can also be used as film forming agent for clay agents; as a binder for the use of tobacco leaflets.

Building materials HEC can be applied to gypsum, cement, lime and mortar system, tiles paste and mortar. In the cement component, it can be used as a retarder and water-absorbing agent. In the surface treatment of the wall work, it is applied to the preparation of the latex collector, which can be pre-facing and the wall pressure is relieved, so that the paint paint and the surface coating are better; it can be used as a thickener of the wallpaper viscose. HEC can improve the performance of gypsum mortar by increasing hardening and application of time. In the compressive resistance, anti-twist strength and space stability, HEC has better results than other cellulose classes.

Cosmetics and detergents HEC are an effective film forming agent, adhesive, thickening agent, stabilizer and dispersant in shampoo, hair spray, neutralizing agents, hair care vessels and cosmetics. Its thickening and protective colloidal performance can be applied to liquid detergents and solid detergent industry. HEC in the high temperature to dissolve fast, can speed up the production process, improve production efficiency. It is well known that the characteristics of the detergent containing HEC can improve the smoothness and mildeptness of the fabric.

latex polymerization selection of certain molar degree of the HC, the catalytic protection of colloidal polymerization can be the best effect; in the control of polymer particles growth, stabilizing latex properties and low temperature and high temperature, anti-mechanical cutting, HEC can play the best effect. In the polymerization reaction of the latex, HEC can protect the concentration of colloids in a critical range and control the polymer particle size and the degree of freedom of participating in the reactive group.

Petroleum Moisture HEC has a tackiness in processing and filling mud. It helps to provide a good low-solid mud and can minimize the damage to the wellbore. The thicker mud with a CEC is easily degraded as a hydrocarbon compound and a maximum recovery of oil. In the rupture of mud, HEC can play the role of mud sand. These fluids can also be degraded by the above acids, enzymes or oxidants. The desired low-solid drilling fluid can be formulated with HEC, which provides greater permeability and better drilling stability. Its inhibition of fluid characteristics can be used in the rock of the ridge rock structure, which is also suitable for collapse or roller slabs the drilling. In the operation of the compression of cement, HEC reduces the mist of the pore pressure pulp, so that the loss of water loss to the structure is reduced to minimal.

Paint thickener containing the HEC component of the latex paint has a dissolved fast, the low bubble, the thickness of the thickening, good color and better stability and other performance. Its nonionic helps helps to stabilize and allow a wide range of recipes in a wide range of pH ranges. The superior performance of the XT series is to control the hydration effect in the water when the pigment is grown. High viscosity level XT-20, XT-40, XT-50 mainly developed to produce water-soluble latex paint, and the amount of other thickeners than small.

Papermaking and ink HEC can use the sheet and paperboard and the protective glue of the ink. HEC has the advantages of non-paper size on printing and can be used for high quality screen printing, while it has a lower surface permeability and strong glossability can reduce costs. It can also be used in any size of the paper or cardboard printing or calendar printing. In the glue of the paper, it is usually 0.5 to 2.0 g / m 2. HEC can increase the storage performance of the paint color, especially for high-proportional latex paint performance more prominent. During the papermaking process, HEC has other advantages, including compatibility, q q (the low speed, low foam, low oxygen), and the like, and the smooth surface film can be formed. In the manufacture of ink, HEC is used for the production of water-based copying ink, which can be fast dry, and the color diffusion is good to produce bonding.

The fabric spleter HeC has long been used for the slurry and dyeing of the yarn and fabric materials, which can be washed from the fiber through water. In the mixing with other resins, the HEC may be more widely applied to the fabric treatment, which is used as glass forming in the glass fiber as a molded agent and an adhesive, which can be used as a modifier and an adhesive in a leather slurry.

Fabric latex coatings, adhesives and adhesives with HEC thicked adhesives are pseudo-plastic, that is, they are quenched in the cut, but can soon return to high viscosity control and improve the printing and dyeing. HEC can control the release of moisture and allowing it to continuously flow on the printing and rolling roll without increasing the adhesive. The release of water to cover all the versions of the opening, which conducive to the accommodation of the filler and form a layer of better adhesive film without significantly increasing the drying time. HEC XT-4 In the solution concentration of 0.2% to 0.5%, the mechanical strength of the nonwoven adhesive can be improved, and the wet ring is reduced on the wet roll, and the wet strength of the final product is increased. HEC XT-40 of the non-fabric’s dyeing is a ideal adhesive, and can get a clear and beautiful image. HEC can be used as an adhesive of an acrylic coating and a nonwoven adhesive. Also used for the fabric of the bottom coating and adhesive of the thickener. It is not reactive with the filler and is still valid at low concentrations.

The staining and printing dyeing of the fabric carpet are in carpet dyeing, such as Custens continuous dyeing system, rarely other thickeners can be more than the thickness of the HEC thinning and compliance. Since its thickening effect is good, it is easy to dissolve in the solvent, the impurity content is not low from the diffusion of the dye and the diffusion of color, making the printing with no insoluble gel (this insoluble gel can cause spot on the fabric) and high technical requirements Uniformity limit.


Post time: May-22-2020